Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is a good Design?

Good design is ultimately about Comfort.

What does Comfort mean to you? Look around you, at how you and your family live. Good design caters to your needs, and no-one else’s. It is about making your home work for you, so that you look good and feel good in your own living space. That is what makes your home unique.

2.  Does good Design have to be expensive?

No. Good design is about more than just good taste. It is about balance and proportion, and having a living space that fits intimately with your lifestyle. So whether you shop at stores like Crate & Barrel, or purchase custom made furnishings through a designer, the end result is the same.

3.  Why work with a Designer?

Because a Designer can make it all come together for you, with minimal effort on your part. A designer is trained to work out the intricacies of balance and proportion, and will know what furnishings will or will not work in your home, thus saving you the disappointment of costly mistakes. A designer will also determine how your furniture should be arranged, a process commonly referred to as ‘Space Planning’. This involves careful measuring of your existing living space and furnishings, and translating this information onto a precisely drawn Floor Plan (usually done by computer). Your existing furniture will be exactly replicated, or if new furniture is to be purchased, the designer will work with those exact dimensions, all the while making certain that everything will fit perfectly.

Designers have access to an incredible amount of products not generally available or known to consumers. Highly specialized artisans and craftspeople are additional resources available to consumers through designers.

4.  Why should I consider Custom furnishings?

Furniture that has been custom made and tailored to your lifestyle, will bring you years of satisfaction. The better the quality, the longer it will last. (Think of beautifully crafted 18th century furniture, and how it has withstood the test of time). Sofas and chairs can be customized to fit individuals who are overly tall or short. These items are typically ordered from our vendors with customized dimensions, or they can be designed from scratch, exclusively for your home.

Likewise, storage needs can be precisely met with customized cabinetry, so that everything has a designated place. With fabrics, in particular, a designer can pull together a unique spectrum of colors, weaves and textures that will enhance the comfort of your home. The possibilities are endless.

5.   What can I expect from LLK Interior Design, LLC?

LLK Interior Design, LLC will schedule a consulation to discuss your goals for the project, your timeframe and your budget. During this meeting, LLK Interior Design, LLC will also review with the client our Contract and Compensation Terms.

LLK Interior Design, LLC requires a Retainer and a Contract for all projects regardless of size. However, for smaller projects a Letter of Agreement may be substituted.

The Contract or Letter of Agreement provides an outline of the specific work to be performed. As a Licensed and Bonded Contractor LLK Interior Design, LLC works with a team of highly qualified and dependable trades people. In order to protect everyone’s interests, we also require a signed Contract with all trades people working on the project.