Evolution of Baseball Trading Pins

The tradition of trading pins started in the Olympic Games. Then, athletes and officials exchanged pins at the end of games as a sign of international camaraderie. Back then pins were simple—they bore only the flags of each country represented. The pins did not have flashy colours or outrageous designs, they simply bore the national colours of each country and perhaps the national emblem. However, as the tradition of trading pins grew, fans also exchanged pins. Then, individual sports like baseball also produced pins and, naturally, they were also exchanged. All these changes also caused changes in the appearance of pins.

Trading pins has become popular in baseball. Major League teams and Little League teams have their own pins. Baseball trading pins are produced by each team every season, each time bearing the same emblems but always somehow different from the other years’ pins. And they are not only for the fans to collect and display their love for the sport and teams. Baseball trading pins are also for the athletes.

Baseball pins bear the symbols of the team—they are the little reminders of each teams’ spirit. Aside from the fact that athletes also partake in trading pins, it instils pride in players as it is also a reminder of the teams’ triumphs whether in the present or in the past. It adds a sense of history--a sense of wanting to keep their teams’ legacies that have been established before them. It is a reminder that the past is as important as the present, just as the individual is as important as the team. It is a reminder, mostly, of the importance of team work—team work that transcends generations—in success. But, at the same time, it is a reminder that success is not the only goal in playing baseball. Baseball, and team work, is about upholding the values that each team holds dear. This can be further seen in the tradition and processes of trading between collectors where they exhibit incredible honesty in negotiating.

Moreover, baseball pins draws fans further into the sport and brings them together as a community as well. And it is a community that is based on honesty, trust, and respect. This is especially because traders have to take each others’ word as proof that pins are not counterfeit or of lesser value than stated. Instead of rivalries continuing after the games, fans and players gather in a tent and negotiate with each other. They also help each other—experts help beginners by giving them some of their pins. Through trading pins, baseball becomes more than a form of entertainment but a venue for interaction.

The style of baseball trading pins has, of course, evolved. From simple flags, it has become filled with outrageous images that serve as symbols. Many types of pins have also emerged; there are soft enamel trading pins, offset digital trading pins, photo etched trading pins as well as other modifications that help make pins stand out.

Trading Pin Superstore understands the importance of pins and their symbols to every person who loves baseball and trading pins. And so, Trading Pin Superstore has been keeping up with trends on style and form of baseball trading pins to match baseball enthusiasts’ passion.

Trading Pin Superstore offers services that make the creation of pins for teams easier but just as unique and superior in quality and design. Trading Pin Superstore’s artists will design pins especially for your team and according to your ideas and values. They w

Tips you should know on the best e liquid packaging

E liquids, sometimes called e juice or simply juice, are liquid solutions that are vaporized by vaporizers to give off aerosol or smoke. E liquid comes in a variety of flavours but it is also important for these kinds of products to be packaged correctly. Also, with creativity and imagination, one can create the best e liquid packaging that is not only functional and safe but aesthetically pleasing as well.

E liquids are typically placed in small bottle containers. These containers can range from simple cylindrical-shaped ones to complex and fancy-looking dropper-like bottles. E liquids may be sold in packs or as a single piece. Some e liquids come with their own carton box while some are readily sold in their container bottles. Information written in these bottles or carton boxes must be correct and list relevant information (i.e. ingredients, nicotine content, and flavour).

Innovating the packaging of e liquids can prove to be beneficial not only for the vendors but also for the buyers as well. The best e liquid packaging can increase sales of the product by making it “visible” in the market. A good package captures the interest of buyers and may help the e liquid product gain an edge over other e liquid competitors.

Experimenting with the colors, design, and concept of a package is essential to come up with the best e liquid package design. The packaging color is the element of design that will be the first thing that customers will see and thus is important. The color of the package may reflect the flavour of the e liquid or show off the colors of the company that made the e liquid. Designs of e liquid packages vary from brand to brand. A good design is simple yet catchy. One can skip the common rectangular, boxy cartons and instead go for new packaging shapes and designs to contain the e liquids. Imagine a row of e liquids in market shelves contained in similar-looking packages. Now imagine an e liquid package design that is different, surely this would catch the attention of potential buyers and customers. Meanwhile, the concept would be the overall “theme” of the package design. If for example, the concept for the e liquid is “fresh and flavourful” then the colors and the package design must emulate the theme.

The mode of selling will also affect how the package of e liquid should be done. If the e liquids are sold in the internet and transactions will mostly involve deliveries, the best e liquid package for this can come in the form of a specialty box that contains a pack or a single e liquid bottle. This box may also contain a personalized thank you note to the customer who purchased the product online. Packages for delivery must ensure that a handle is present in the package for ease of transfer of the product. If the e liquid will be sold in malls or stores that specially cater to vapers, then packages can be fancier and bulkier.

Since e liquids are composed of dangerous chemicals, it is important that the package displays some warning signs that deliberately and properly instruct how to store and handle the product properly.

Packaging helps a product perform well in the market and in the case of e liquid, which is an integral component of an electronic cigarette, packaging facilitates a much needed satisfactory experience for the paying customers of e liquid. Some might say that packaging for e liquids is not important since people will buy it especially because the use of e-cigarettes is on the rise but having the best e liquid packaging is a way of saying to the customers that you care for their safety and welfare.

Find the perfect ID lanyard

ID lanyards are a very popular and useful item with people of all ages. Because of its popularity, this useful item has been manufactured with nearly countless colors and varieties to suit almost anyone that would want to buy one. Shopping for the perfect one for you, however, is not a difficult thing to do. You can find the perfect one for you by simply doing two things: picking out what you want to pay for one and then shopping away until you find the one you want.

ID Lanyards are a very useful and equally fashionable item. It is a keychain that can be worn around the neck. It has a card holder on the end of it where an ID card or a debit card can be placed and worn right with the keys. This is obviously a convenience for many people for many reasons. With such an invention, it is no wonder that it has become incredibly popular with so many people. What is better is that it can be purchased for a very low price and nearly anywhere.

ID lanyardsIf you want to find the perfect lanyard for you, the process is simple. First, you have to set your price. While all of these items are very affordable, there is a price range that comes with one of these. The most affordable ones can be purchased at a local drug store or discount store, or even a gas station for well under $10, but if you want a brand name or a nicer one, you may be looking at double that at least. You will still not be paying an arm and a leg, but you will be paying a little more. If you don’t have a price range, of course, you will be able to look anywhere you want and pick any lanyard that you want to buy. A price will simply narrow down your choices.

Once you have your price set, your options of shopping will be narrowed. You will have to look at places that sell the items priced around the money you want to spend on one of these. You will be searching for the item you want in certain locations based on this price. For example, if you want a more expensive brand name one, you will be looking at a more designer boutique for your item or on the internet. If you want to pay as little as possible, your local discount store is the best place.

Once you have your location, all that is left to do is shop. You can look through the items available at the location you want. If you find the one you want at this location, then you have completed your search. If you want to keep looking, there are many more options because ID lanyards are literally sold at almost any store you visit. You can even find them at your local gas station. If you want to shop quickly, you can do it, or if you want to search for the perfect one for your style, you can do that as well. That is all up to you.

It is not a difficult thing to do to find the perfect ID lanyard for your taste. You just have to have a price range in mind and get to shopping. You will be able to find the perfect one in no time, and then be able to take advantage of the many benefits of such a useful and popular item. You will love your brand new ID lanyard as so many people have already discovered.

The Elements of Good Content According To A SEO Service Provider

Content is something that people argue about a lot online. You may not think that this is a hard thing to define or work within, but it’s absolutely difficult overall. The problem associated with this is not so much the fact that you are going to have to deal with the publishing aspect, or even the creation aspect, it’s a matter of diversity. There are several elements that come with good content versus the rest of the drivel that is being published on the web. If you want to ensure that you find a good foothold within the world of optimization, you will need to isolate a good SEO service and make sure that they are working towards building a sense of diversity with your reach. If you don’t do this, then be ready to end up losing market share within your niche. The following will help you understand some of the elements of good content.

Focusing On The Audience

The first thing that you need to do is simple, look at what the audience expects out of your site. You may not know this, and that’s fine. You can hire a good SEO service provider to explain this in detail and help you get a sense of leverage overall. The focus of this is important because you will need to make sure that the users that come to your site answer the call to action that you have in place. If you do not work within this world, you will end up losing out on the greater good that comes from getting ranked within search engines.

Search engines today look to see what people are doing when they hit your site, they look at several instances, and make sure that you are putting forth effort in everything that you are publishing. If you get lazy with the content that you are putting together or you don’t hire anyone to help with the writing and implementation phases, you will not get that market share that you crave.

The end user matters more today than during any time in the past. If you can just focus on what your audience wants, needs, and expects, you will end up triumphing in an incredible way. It’s imperative that you do not fall short in this regards, because there are many companies that miss the market when it comes to building market share overall.

Mixing Things Up

No matter what kind of website you have in place, you have to work on mixing things up that you’re publishing. If you’re just posting one type of thing over and over again, you will have traffic that doesn’t stick around much. It’s easy to post frivolous things and expect traffic to flow straight through to your site. Mixing things up will allow you to not only generate the right amount of leverage moving forward, but it could very well change things for you on a visual scale.

There are no less than 15 types of content, so if you run out of ideas, look at going through the 15 types and cycling through each one. If you’re not familiar with the different options, consider writing, images, podcasting, videos, and mixed media elements that will help you engage the audience. If you just post up 1 type of content, for instance, writing, they will leave. You need to have more than this and you need to focus on the long term within the framework of your site. Mixing things up is imperative, because no one wants to visit a site that has stale content or has grown tired in the way that they are updating.

Titles and Keywords

The title of everything that you publish should have keywords in them but should be optimized for the end user as well. You want to create link bait that will not disappoint people that are clicking through to your site. This is something that will absolutely help you moving forward. It’s something that most people don’t really think about until they are in the middle of hiring a SEO service provider. Don’t let your titles get boring, and always find a way to differentiate yourself among others. Look at what your competition is doing, and if they have boring titles, change yours to reflect something better.

As a rule of thumb, don’t just pick a few words, and don’t label things in a manner that you wouldn’t like. Use yourself as an example of the reader that you want to attract, and if you’re having a hard time figuring this out, let a professional content management team work on this. You’ll find that the right title can make or break your influence overall, and that’s something that is not going to change any time soon. The wrong title will have people showing up and bouncing out of your site fast.

Never Do It Alone

When it comes to marketing, you absolutely need the help of a good SEO service provider. It’s easy to do things on your own and find out that you need help. Most people end up coming to that realization today, and it’s because search engines are evolving and changing the rules of engagement faster than marketers can keep up.

Choosing Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers are important to grab the attention of the audience, instill the right message, and entertain them when things sound monotonous.

A lot of people can serve as keynote speakers. You can now choose among athletes, actors/actresses, authors, and even those people with extraordinary stories, hence choosing the right keynote speaker can be a daunting task.

How do you choose the right keynote speaker?

Understand your needs.

What is the purpose or goal of your meeting? Do you intend to educate? Do you need inspiring and motivating messages or simply light entertainment? How will your speaker fit in with your audience? A celebrity speaker doesn’t always assure a professional presentation. A professional presentation, however, bring tons of experience which will make the discussion a success.

Understand the benefits of a professional speaker.

In any business, it’s always vital to get the most value for your money. How will your speaker allow you to foresee that value?

•References. Has the person performed in other venues? How effective was his or her speech?

•Support material. What topics does he/she discuss? Which programs does he attend? What format does he use (seminar, luncheon, general session)?

•Preview. Are you able to see him/her as s/he talks? Will you be able to witness him prior to your meeting?

•Personalization. The speaker should understand the kind of group he will be with, as well as specific needs and objectives. Once all the necessary information is gathered, then the speech will be customized accordingly in format, content and length.

Understand the actual selection process.

The credentials of your speaker are essential – it helps build your group’s attendance. Examples of these essentials include experience, education, awards, degrees and certifications.

keynote speakers

Experience, for one, is a good field to consider in choosing keynote speakers. Don’t assume however that experienced speakers automatically create expert presenters. The content is also important; do you need the audience to leave with technical or specific information, or do you want them motivated? You have to understand the needs of your group to choose the right speaker.

The amount of efforts you exert in choosing a good employee is also the same amount you spend in picking out a great speaker. Check references and see which groups that your potential speaker has talked to that are the same as yours.

How do you determine fees?

A speaker’s value and worth will be determined by supply and demand, just like any other business. A speaker can only be in one venue at a time. If more and more people request for him, then his fees will go higher.

You also have to understand that the fees charged are not solely for the hours – it also includes the research spent, improvement, applying updates and personalizing the speech for your group.

How do you book the speaker?

Check the speaker’s preferences. Some work only in specific locations, and some only work a couple of days per week. Fees are of course an important topic to discuss. You can both negotiate especially if it includes books, attendees, audio and videotapes.

Now that you’ve chosen, what’s the next step?

The next step is to have an agreement of terms. Understand the speaker’s exact departure and arrival time. You should also clarify the contracts especially if there are other people involved such as aides or spouse.

If you’re thinking of making your keynote speakers attend social gatherings before or after the meeting, then ensure that s/he is completely aware of it. You don’t have to worry – speakers don’t mind attending gatherings like these as long as it has sufficient notice.

Lapel Pins: A Symbol for Awareness

A lapel pin is a pin, usually a small one, ideally worn by men on the left lapel of their jacket or suit. They are used in different senses and in varied situations. Some are used to recognize accomplishment, express thanks, commemorate a joyous occasion, promote a company or brand, express support for a cause or plainly just to add accent to one?s style. Most often lapel pins embody a deep meaning or are important and possess sentimental value to the wearer. This may be the case for pins earned as an accomplishment or for pins that carry a certain message.

Examples of pins sending out messages to others are awareness lapel pins. Have you ever seen pins of certain ribbons of different colors? Those are what awareness pins look like. Each color represents a specific cause, some of which even share the same ribbon color as the trend of using ribbons to support a cause has somehow picked up. Some organizations even use multiple ribbon colors in order to set them apart from the rest. These pins are a great way to silently spread awareness.


The 1970s was the first instance of when awareness ribbons were used in the United States to send out thoughts and prayers to soldiers stationed at razor?s edge. Since then, the yellow ribbon had been a symbol correlating support to troops. Similarly in 1992 as the AIDS epidemic made its spread in different parts of the world, awareness ribbons once again proved to be influential as the red ribbon was then introduced as a symbol of support to the devotion of finding a cure for the disease. In the same year, the pink ribbon was also dubbed as an image known to support the cause of breast cancer and at the same time build awareness to the public regarding the illness. Because of such impact caused by these mere symbols and the movement it made on society, 1992 was officially entitled as ?The Year of the Ribbon? by the New York Times. This then gave birth to the idea of ribbon-related commodities such as t-shirts, bracelets, key chains, lapel pins and more.

Now made into merchandise, awareness ribbon lapel pins are made as tokens for different types of causes ranging from physical conditions, mental disorders, social, political and more. Some examples of awareness ribbons for physical ailments include the gray ribbon for asthma, purple ribbon for cystic fibrosis and orange for multiple sclerosis. For mental disorders on the other hand, a green ribbon is symbolic for those with childhood depression as an orange ribbon is for those suffering from attention deficit disorder. Social and political messages are also portrayed in these awareness ribbon pins. For instance, a ribbon that is half-pink and half-blue symbolizes a stand for pro-life while a rainbow colored ribbon stands for gay pride or of one supporting gay rights.

Imagine so much meaning in so little symbols. As many say, the best way to inform others of one?s cause is to ?wear your heart on your sleeve?. Well in this case, your lapel. Raising awareness thru lapel pins is a great way to reach out to others and getting the word out on what you stand for and support. Not only are they made on a low cost but are powerful tools that who knows, could move mountains. They are nifty and eye-catching which is a great opportunity for one to talk about the cause itself as these pins are conversation starters when noticed by others. Many organizations nowadays opt for pins rather than having actual ribbons as these pins last longer and may be used in long terms for future events and promotions. It also enables one to keep them as a collectible as well and maybe someday tell tales about how he made a difference in the world by spreading a message ? no matter how subtle - about his cause.

A Primer on Silicone Wristbands

Bracelets and wristbands are a popular universal accessory in many cultures. They are made of many materials and are symbolic of various meanings in each individual culture. Nowadays, the wonders of manufacturing allow people to avail of affordable yet fashionable bracelets and wristbands that still retain that sense of fashion and self-expression.

Silicone wristbands, which are also known asgel bracelets, gel bands, jelly bracelets, or awareness bracelets, are inexpensive wristbands made of silicone. The affordability and ease of manufacturing of these wristbands have contributed to the prevalence of custom silicon wristbands.

Silicone wristbands have the same elasticity as rubber wristbands but are more durable. They are also resistant to UV radiation, abnormal levels of oxygen and ozone, and hot temperatures. They also do not contain latex at all, which can cause allergic effects on some people.

Custom silicon wristbands usually follow a set pattern. The base silicon strip or tube is usually pre-filled with a set color. Besides typical colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, white, and black, there are also uncommon color varieties such as glow-in-the-dark, camouflage, desert camouflage, and multicolored segmented stripes. Customized colorization options are also available. One can swirl two to three colors together for a marbleized effect, for example. The sizes of the wristbands vary depending on the wearer’s arm and wrist size: small, medium, and large. The standard width of the wristband is half an inch, while the standard thickness is a tenth of an inch.

Brief snippets of text are also a usual feature of custom silicon wristbands. There are four techniques in integrating the text into the band: the debussing method, where the letters are engraved onto the silicone via an imprinting mold; the embossing method, where the letters are raised from the band’s surface using the same process as debussing; the color-fill debussing method, which is basically the same as the debussing method but with the addition of extra silicone of another color to fill the debussed letters; and the silk-screen printing method, where the letters are printed directly onto the surface using the silk-screen printing technique.

Text is not the only thing that can be integrated into custom silicon wristbands. Symbols and customized artwork can also be printed onto the wristbands to express the same message in fewer words due to the limited space the wristband has. The maximum space a typical silicone wristband can accommodate is 25 characters per phrase. There are two phrases that can be incorporated onto the opposite sides of the band.

Some wristband manufacturers take advantage of the inexpensiveness of silicone wristbands and thus create spin-off products using the same silicone band as their base. The spin-off products include wristband watches, wristband watches with LED touch screens, slap bands, snap bands, wristbands containing USB flash drives, and pedometers.

Wristband watches are usually made by first molding the silicone base that includes a recess to insert a self-contained miniature digital clock and then inserting the clock onto the recess. These watches are preferred by athletes who do not want their watches to smell like sweat. Wristband watches with LED touch screens as well as pedometers are also made the same way.

Slap bands and snap bands use their respective locking-on mechanisms to secure the band around the wrist of the wearer. The added elasticity from the silicone gives those bands additional durability.

Wristbands containing USB flash drives can be made the same way as typical silicone wristbands, except that the two ends have special slots. One slot is used to secure the entire bracelet, while the other slot is where the actual USB flash drive is inserted. This structure also allows some room for text to be engraved.


Home Safety with Home Safes

Do you own a lot of valuable assets, and end up bringing them with you all the time for safekeeping? There are a lot of precautionary measures you can invest in. Home safes are the best choice when it comes to protection and security of items of high value. Whether it’s an original copy of a document, jewelry, high end gadget, or guns and firearms, it’s a secure place for your investments. There are two general types of homes safes –the fire resistant and the burglar resistant model.

One of the most important factors to consider in buying a safe is the type of lock and how it works. There are those that use a lock-and-key system, those that use combination locks, and those that use electronic locks. You can also find ones that uses a combination of two or of all. If you will have difficulties memorizing a certain combination, it’s best to opt the ones that require keys.

Burglar-resistant vaults and home safes usually come in cabinet types. They work electronically or with a manual lock and are usually installed either on the wall or on the floor of the house. They are easily concealed and can be away from prying eyes. It is the best type if you want to keep your emergency stack of money, your documents, and many other things that you won’t be using frequently. It will give you peace of mind when you’re away from home. Moreover, you can also use those safe to provide maximum security for your keys and other smaller items. There is a possibility for burglars to steal your car if you just leave the keys around the house. Keeping them can diminish the risk. Although these smaller safes are usually not fireproof, it is still best to conceal them away from possible thievery.

In case of documents that are priceless and other important assets, fireproof home safes are the optimal choice. They might be quite pricey but they go a long way in terms of protection. They differ in style, model, thickness of the material, and more importantly, the capacity it can keep. You can find one in any retail store.

This also goes out to offices and commercial structures. There would be a lot of documents and papers that need to be protected. Data storage safes are usually fireproof and can provide security for such documents. Electronic data should also be given protection.

Investing in home safes and other precautionary measures have valuable benefits. If you have legal documents that need to be passed down to the next generation, it is best to keep them locked in a safe place. Moreover, it will give you peace of mind whenever you leave the place. You can have a sense of guarantee that a burglar or an accident will not take away your valuable items. It also gives family security especially in the case of firearms when left with children at home. You wouldn’t want your other family members playing around your gun.

If you are not sure on which item to get for your home, you can check online reviews of the best home safes. There are a lot of online references that provide details on how to choose safes. Thickness of the fireproofing material may vary, as well as the component that it is made of. If you own multiple fire arms, you can search for various models of gun safes with shelves and cabinets, and find out which one suits you best. You can even find installation tips online so you can set one up the right way.

Re-using Golf Balls

Most people who do not play golf do not know how important golf balls are. In fact, it is important for every golfer to be prepared by having more than one set of these balls in his golf bag.  The golf course is full of tricks and traps designed to “capture” these balls and never spit them back up. An example of such a trap is the usual pond found on the course. Once a golf ball falls in, the chance of getting it back is extremely slim. Another example of such a trap is the obvious sand trap. When balls fall into this trap, there’s often no way to get them out. It can be easy to imagine how many balls have been captured in these traps and never returned.

golf ballsThese balls are usually left to accumulate perhaps until the next maintenance schedule of the course. The amount of balls recovered from these courses can be astounding and one would probably wonder what happens to these golf balls. There are many different answers to this. Aside from donating the balls to the nearest driving range, most other uses of old balls do not have anything to do with golf.

Take a look at some of the many interesting ways that people recycle and reuse golf balls:

In the Garden

One of the many ways you can re-use old these old balls is in the garden. Coming from a lawn sport, these balls fit well in any outdoor environment, especially in one’s backyard. These old balls make excellent garden embellishments. For example, one can use them to make attractive edgings for flower beds.

They can also be used to decorate garden ornaments such as bird houses and even dog houses. They can even be used to make different garden statues.  The shape, size, and color of these golf balls seem to attract birds.

Another more practical garden application for these balls involves potting. These balls can be used to line the bottom of flower pots before adding soil. Having these underneath will make excellent drainage. It also serves as an excellent deterrent for root rot.

Inside the House

Those who are creative can these old balls can be re-used in making specialty items. The easiest way to get creative with these balls is to paint it with your own personal design and give it out as presents or use it as a decorative piece. There are art classes that actually make use of these balls in the students’ projects.

Give a different twist to your Christmas tree and use these balls as tree ornaments during the holidays. You can use the balls as they are, add a ribbon in red, and attach a hanging string. You can also paint these balls in your favorite Christmas patterns and designs. You can look for “caps” and string in your local craft store. Just attach this to the top of your ball after the paint dries.

One of the very basic ways to re-use these old balls would be in the office. Since the ball is dimpled, it does not easily roll. You can attach several balls together and make it into a paperweight. This also works in keeping picnic mats in place or outdoor tablecloths from getting blown off the table. You can simply sew a ball in a pocket in each of the corners of the tablecloth.

The golf enthusiast can find many other uses for golf balls outside of the golf course. Even those who are not golfers would be interested in its other creative uses. When you are done playing on the course, you can collect your balls and bring them home to extend their use. You won’t be wasting the ball and you will help clean up the environment at the same time. Who knows? You might even be able to turn it into a business that you can make money with; an online golf ball knick-knacks store, perhaps?

Tips in Maintaining Your Water Misters

Water misting systems are perfect during summer by forcing a small amount of water out of the nozzle that produces mists. These mists dry up fast and it cools down the air through evaporation. These misting systems are easy to use, but it requires regular maintenance in order to function properly. Water misting systems are attached permanently to the patio covers or portable, which makes them helpful for outdoor activities such as fishing, sporting events and even watching outdoor concerts.

Here are tips on making the water mister function 100%:

1. Maintain Enough Pressure

Water mister depends on the pressure that forces the water into the tiny holes of the pump. The portable misting system has manual built-in pumps and when the pressure is high, they function very well. If the pressure is not enough, it will spit out bigger drops of water or maybe none at all, which makes it less effective. The same thing is true with permanently fixed water mister systems. There are instances were pressure regulators are required to be included in the system to increase the pressure enough to produce the stream of mist.

2. Replace Filters

Most of the water mister systems have a filtration system which produces bigger particles that can clog the misters easily. A finer filter is required to keep a mister clog free. The filter should be replaced at the start of each misting season, and if the water is not coming out properly. If this is the case, you need to examine the system performance weekly. For excessive build up the filters should be checked every two or three days. In places where water is known to be very hard, a finer type of filter can be added aside from the original filter to avoid clogging of the mister.

3. Cleaning and Checking the Mister Regularly

If the water is excessively hard the misters can clog. If they are not functioning properly, unscrewing them and placing them in vinegar or using a cleaning product with lime can help unclog them. Don't use a nail or needle in the orifice of the mister. These are sensitive parts and get damaged easily. It is important that you bring an old mister when purchasing a new mister to make sure that it will match the orifice size and threads.

4. End-Season Maintenance

When summer ends and the weather cools off or the temperature gets too humid to use the misters effectively, draining the mister and the lines will produce a hard water deposits from forming in the mister and lines, keeping the misting system functioning for life.

Misters have been used in several establishments for many years now to provide the comfort and cool temperature during summer season. In hotels and restaurants, it provides comfort to their guests. The mister also helps in saving a huge amount of money on air conditioning bills. Even if it is 100 degrees outdoors, you can produce an outdoor oasis with this mister. So if you want to save on your electricity bill, turn off that air conditioner and turn on that misting system to save a lot on your electricity bill.